Online Marketing Done Right: Guest Blogging

Online marketing is a growing and expanding endeavor.  New techniques pop up every day.  By staying ahead of the curve, your business can maintain an effective online presence.

Lately, one of the favorite online marketing techniques is guest blogging.  Guest blogging is the perfect way to increase awareness for your company.  By writing for other sites, you can increase your following, gain recognition, become an authority within the industry, and gain a valuable link in the process.

However, guest blogging is only effective if it is done right.  You really shouldn’t slap your content on any old blog.  Take the time to research the blog.  Is it a good place for your contribution?  Here are some questions to ask yourself.

  1. Is this blog within my niche?  Each site you contribute to doesn’t need to be a perfect fit.  However, there should be at least some overlap between their audience type and yours.
  2. Is this blog high quality?  There are lots of ways to judge the quality of a site.  Check stats like the Domain Authority and PageRank.  See if people are commenting on the posts.  Is anyone sharing the posts on social networks?
  3. Does this blog have an “About Us” page?  You really shouldn’t write for a site run by invisible people.  Do the owners have something to hide?  In a perfect world, the blog you contribute to would have an open and honest About Us page where they share their experience, expectations and more.
  4. Are there guest posting guidelines?  In general, the more specific the guidelines the better.  This may sound crazy, but it is better to write for someone who is super attentive and picky about the content that gets posted.  If the blog owner is willing to slap just anything on their site, that isn’t an indicator of quality.  Your post could be run beside an article that is total junk with a spammy, trouble-making link.
  5. Who is writing the content?  Does the blog owner still write or has he or she passed that responsibility off to guest contributors?
  6. Who is writing the comments?  Check the comment section of each post.  Are they filled with spam?

Being a guest blogger is great.  However, it can only help your brand if it is done properly.  What do you think of this latest online marketing strategy?